We are Kristi and Jimmy Akana, the proud owners of Pacific Heights Lodging, your home away from home.

Jimmy and Kristi met in Maui in the beginning of January 2011 through very close & mutual friends.  At that time Jimmy was a Fishing Charter Captain for a local operation in Seward, Alaska while Kristi was a full time Elementary and Special Education teacher on the island of Maui.  After much compromise (needless to say a lot of flying back and forth between Maui and Alaska), a lot of love, and commitment they found a way to adapt their lifestyles and careers in order to reside between both breathtaking states.  Jimmy and Kristi got married on Maui in December of 2016.  They continue to reside in Seward, Alaska for the majority of the year yet also continue to live and work in Maui during the 'off-season' in Alaska.  They both feel so blessed to have homes, friends, and family in two beautiful & extraordinary states that they call home.   

Jimmy continues to enjoy being a Fishing Charter Captain in Seward and Kristi now devotes her time and energy into their business, Pacific Heights Lodging, ensuring all their guests have everything they need while enjoying their stay here in Seward.  Being a Host in Seward to family and friends from near and afar has been a dream that they have envisioned since the Fall of 2012 and have now recently accomplished!

It took over three years of searching many, various properties until they finally found the right property in January of 2015.  They chose the property that Pacific Heights Lodging is built on because of the beautiful and natural surroundings it has to offer.  Their lodge is located in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by old growth hemlock and spruce trees yet only a five minute drive to the Seward Small Boat Harbor and a eight minute drive to Downtown Seward.  Construction of Pacific Heights Lodging was completed in June of 2017.

Jimmy and Kristi's four-plex lodge differs from most typical Seward rentals as it is totally Brand New!  When constructing their Lodge they made sure to include amenities that would make their guests comfortable and feel at home.  They designed their Lodge with modern Suites that include contemporary furnishings, appliances, and fixtures.  Jimmy and Kristi also chose to splurge and include In-Floor Heating and a top of the line Heating and Circulation Ventilation System for the enjoyment of their guests. They are beyond elated to have finally accomplished their dream of being a Seward Host!  Jimmy and Kristi hope you enjoy your stay at their luxury suites as your comfort and experience is their priority!  Please feel free to provide any and all feedback as they are always strategizing on how to improve their accommodations for all their guests.